Return ( Refund )

Order cancellation

All orders can be cancelled within 12 hours after the order has been placed. Once these 12 hours have passed, the delivery process will start and no refunds can be made.


Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Therefore, we can give a full refund in case:

You have not received your order within 45 working days. (The 2-10 business days that it takes to process your order and your payment are not included). You receive an item and decide to change or replace . Then you can send the unused product back to us. (You will be liable for the shipping costs).

However, we can't make a refund in case:

- Your order did not arrive due to any cause controlled by the customer (for example if you indicated the wrong address for the delivery)

- Your order did not arrive due to any cause beyond our control (e.g. a natural disaster).

- Your order received but suddenly changed your mind or the product is in good condition without any problem 

After the 45 working days have passed, you have 10 days to request a refund via our "contact us" page.

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